I get it. You already, kinda, sorta, know how to cook. But there is still a problem. You're BORED. You want healthy food, but it needs to be delicious. You want to cook at home more, but you crave variety. You are already super busy, and time seems to be an issue. All you want to do is save some money, eat healthy, and really find a love for cooking.  I feel you, I've been there, and that is why I crated Eat Out at Home University.

What is Eat Out at Home University?

Eat Out at Home University is a 5-6 month online cooking school for good cooks who want to be great. It's all of best parts of culinary school, minus the student loans, uniforms, late nights, text books and homework. 

How Does the University Work?

The Eat Out At Home University is built around three frameworks:  INFORMATION, INSPIRATION & APPLICATION.

Okay, so what does that mean exactly? I'm glad you asked. 

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  • Eat Out at Home University will provide you with information in the form of "How To" videos that help you understand ingredients, how to apply proper cooking techniques to different foods, how to pair foods well together, and how to know what seasoning go best on what foods.
  • The recipes, "Done for You" themed menus, and party plans all serve as inspiration that you can experiment with along the way. You will learn how to put menus together and have a library of inspiration for when you entertain at home.
  • The Live Cooking Classes and Live Q&A, is where you get a chance to see everything you've learned applied in real time. It also gives you a chance to re-watch over and over again so that you can cook along.

What's Included?


Every week, you will receive a new WEEKLY MODULE. Each module will cover a specify topic or technique. The weekly modules are filled with videos, recipes, and informational documents to help you master the art of cooking.


Inside of Eat Out at Home University is a library of instructional "How to" Videos so that you learn how to cook and not just what to cook. Knowing how to cook, gives you the flexibility to be creative and spontaneous in the kitchen. Learning the techniques of cooking also gives you the skills and confidence you need to alter any recipe to your personal taste, lifestyle or dietary restrictions. (bonus: having the skills also saves time!)


In each module, you will receive PRINTABLE RECIPES  to add to your collection so that when you are in a recipe rut, or you are out of inspiration, you have something new to try. #ChewWithYourMindOpen

The recipes provided in the modules will be related to the topic & skill that you learned in that section, giving you the opportunity to not only gain some variety, but to also practice what you have learned.


Inside of Eat Out At Home University there will be  LIVE COOKING CLASSES twice a month. The classes will be live so that you will be able to see recipes made in real time, get a deeper understanding of the techniques  demonstrated, cook along and ask all of your questions.


Twice a month inside of Eat Out at Home University, there will be LIVE Q&A sessions where we will discuss the most recent modules, answer any questions you may have and share what we have been cooking. You will also become a part of the #EatOutAtHome family inside our PRIVATE UNIVERSITY FACEBOOK GROUP



If you are anything like me, one of the things you enjoy most about cooking is sharing food with others. Some times you just want to show off for your friends and family and treat them to a delicious meal. Inside of the Eat Out At Home University, you will also receive THEMED MENUS, that are already written and ready to go, in addition to PARTY PLANS that will include not only recipes, but inspiration for decor, tables capes, beverages, desserts and more! It's entertaining made easy.



Hi! I’m Evelyn from ChefEvelyn.com where I teach people at every level how to improve their cooking skills, grow their taste and #EatOutAtHome with ease. I started cooking when I was six years old, but I didn’t become a professional chef until years after working as a Chemical & Environmental Engineer. (But that’s a story for another day) 
I’ve been teaching people to cook for almost seven years and I have taught over 3,400 students. 

I loved my life as a chef, but I had one small problem, I rarely cooked for myself. The workers at Chik-fil-A literally knew me by name. #SHAME After being diagnosed with Cancer in 2016, I knew I had to get my diet under control and the only way to do that was by cooking at home.  So I created Eat Out At Home University to help good cooks become great. I created the program I wish I had before spending tens of thousands of dollars on culinary school.

Want to know more? Click here to find out about my professional experience.

Before you Enroll, there are some things that you should know about Eat Out At Home University:


1. This course is in Beta. That means, that I will be creating this course as we go, making changes, and adjustments along the way to create the best program possible. If that's not really your jam, you might want to reconsider.

2. Since this program is online and includes lots of digital material, that leaves room for technical difficulties, unexpected delays and random glitches. If you can go with the flow, then join the party!

3. I'm a human, so naturally there always needs to space for human error. But, if you've been hanging with me any amount of time, you know that I will always do my best to give you my best. Deal?

Are You Ready?

Class Starts June 12th, 2017